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Remote download for digital tachograph and driver´s card

Intendia offers an innovative service for remote download of digital tachograph data and driver´s card data through the system known as iTac.

Compatible with all brands of tachographs

Stoneridge. All models from the version (review) 7. Siemens-VDO. All models from the version 1.3a.

Remote download Automatically without user intervention

By using remote download system is guaranteed to download tachograph and driver´s card data on time. Significant savings in time and cost.
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CANbus contactless reading system

ureader device

Contactless CANbus reader to FMS standard

Tachograph Remote download

is compatible with all brands of tachographs

Tachograph Remote download
Tacographs with Remote Download Available

Tachograph & Driver Remote Download

Thanks to iTac system the company will not have to worry about downloading data manually. The device is programmed to transfer data automatically as often as the customer chooses.The data download is via GPRS, 3G or WiFi, making an information processing 100% secure. Tachograph Remote download



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