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Sistema iTac Descarga Remota y Lectura CANbus

Tachograph Remote Download System installInstallation

iTac installation

The installer only need 5 minutes to install iTac. It doesn´t need configuration. Drop&Play. Remember to set the SIM card with wIntendia before insert it into your iTac.

wIntendia installation

The user interface for Microsoft Windows in a plug & pay.

Install the downloaded application from our website. Follow the instructions and plug the card reader. Just have to get a user name and password from the web to login.

iTac will have acquired a SIM card from our GPRS/3G communications providers for each device .Every time you install a new iTac in your fleet, first insert the SIM card into the reader. wIntendia asks for the PIN and the card will be ready. That's all. Insert the company card and download.


Tachograph compatibility for Remote Data Download on Soneridge, Siemens VDO, Actia

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