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Sistema iTac Descarga Remota y Lectura CANbus

Tachograph Remote Download using System iTac transfer process

iTac Advantages

The added value to remote download


  • Plug&Play, doesn´t need configuration.
  • Compact desing, fits in the palm of hand.
  • iTac is integrated inside the vehicle, as a further ECU.
  • Easy installation, less than 5 minutes.
  • Once installed iTac does not require  reviews or periodic maintenance. It´s upgraded and configured remotely.
  • It´s compatible with all brands of digital tachographs*
  • Remote download of data from the whole fleet at the same time (vehicles running and without ignition).
  • Downloads are automatically planned to avoid oversights or delays.
  • Keeps information backup from the last 24 months, as required by law.
  • Data transfer through GPRS, 3G y wiFi.
  • Allows detect manipulation of the vehicle speed sensor.


Tachograph Remote Download using System iTac transfer process

*.- Tachographs must support remote download  (Stoneridge after v7, VDO from the 1.3a version, y the  Smartach of Actia)

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