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Sistema iTac Descarga Remota y Lectura CANbus


The control center of your downloads is called wIntendia. From this application, developed to run on Microsoft Windows, is managed and configured the entire iTac system.

Company Card
wIntendia can use up to ten company cards. Connect a reader, insert the card and everything is ready.

Driver´s Card
wIntendia automatically downloads driver cards when are detected and saves them as if they were downloaded remotely. All downloads are centralized.

Files download
The iTac system always saves and guards your data, wIntendia also lets you set a folder on your PC where you can store all downloads.

Files Upload
wIntedia supports third party applications. By simply entering your username and password the downloads are sent directly to your data analysis aplication. By default wIntendia supports OPTAC3. wIntendia integrates with your business ERP.

iTac System Configuration

iTac system doesn´t need configuration. Just follow a simple process. Before introducing a SIM card into the iTac, this card must be inserted into the card reader that is conected to your PC; wIntendia sets the PIN and you company data. Everything is ready to start working.

Vehicles and drivers consulting
wIntendia lets you search all drivers and vehicles in your fleet. You can re-download files, view the download expected date, the vehicle position or the driver who is sitting on the cabin.

wIntendia generates alarms when somes downloads could be delayed. wIntendia also can configurate e-mail addresses from the interface that will be notified if any incident happens.

installation of Remote Download System using System iTac

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